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Bisley flattop target

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You could make yourself one with uberti parts if you can find a flattop saa. They're out there if you look hard enough.

I have pics of two USFA Bisley Flattop Target Models that I saved off gunbroker and/or various auction sites. One is a .44 Special with 7 1/2" barrel that looks to be USA made by the quality but I can't say for sure. The other one is a .45 Colt with 5 1/2" barrel that definitely looks USA made and it has a serial number of 26969.

Gun K1n6:
I own a 4.75” FTT in .45 Colt. Never seen a Bisley FTT. Only the Holland & Holland target version with the rear sight and often the long flute cylinder.
If you find one - buy it  (before I do)

I have a 7 1/2 “ FT Bisley. All original NIB with outstanding nickel plate and black grips. I bought from Gary Grainger Barrel marked ( BISLEY MODEL ) 44 SPECIAL. Top marked     
+ + U S F A  MFG Co HARTFORD CT U S A + Serial no 7xx DT. In box with all papers. Not for sale but on seeing this thread I thought it might be of interest from a collecting perspective

Dave T:
Of even greater interest to we USFA fans would be pictures.  Just so we can set in front of our computers and admire.  (smile)




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