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Capt. John Fitzgerald:
Greetings All,
Are there any among us here who own Bisley model USFA's.  Just curious.  Originally designed by Colt as target pistols, are they appreciably more accurate, to your mind, than the basic SAA?
Just Wondering,

Buckaroo Lou:
Since I do not have one to shoot I cannot attest as to whether or not they are more accurate. I only wish I had purchased one back when USFA was still in business. Now they are out of my price range and I can only look and drool.  :)


 :)  Capt. John  ;)

I'm no real help with your original question except:  In my years of Smything, the only difference I ever found, between a standard SAA and a Bisley was the Grips and Springs.  Same same cylinders and barrels.  Ruger Bisley (not true Bisley) were more problematic.  Consistently bad cylinder throats.

Play Safe Out There

Dave T:
I do not now and have never owned a USFA Bisley but years ago when I was into CAS I owned an original. If memory serves it was a 5-1/2" 45 Colt made in the 1890s. I found the Bisley grip shape so unconventional and uncomfortable any accuracy potential was lost in my inability to hold it consistently.


Capt. John Fitzgerald:
It was always my impression that the reconfigured grip was designed to reduce recoil. 
I, too, own an original Colt Bisley, 5 & 1/2" in 38-40, circa 1900.  Needless to say, I have never fired it.  Just wondering it that redesigned grip did, in fact, reduce recoil to the extent that one could consider it a "target pistol" (as Colt designed and marketed it as such).

As an aside: THe Bisley Colt was Pancho Villa's sidearm of choice.



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