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Buckaroo Lou:
GaryG, Were all the guns sold through Cherry's only and was the one on display at the shot show the only all US parts revolver made?

Here is a pic of the barrel roll marks.

all numbers are mismatched on this revolver to match the Louis G. Bishop gun on display at the National Firearms museum  On the frame and butt of the revolver.  the only difference in the NFM number.  Same numbers and Proof Marks as well as RAC on the cylinder , exactly like the original.

The pictures are small, but from what I can see and IronMountainPete's description of the finish on this gun, and hearing from GaryG that they were all antiqued, I'm thinking maybe this one was refinished at some point?

I would be happy to provide hi-res photos which will reveal factory finish.  I am more curious about getting to the bottom of the origin of this piece that actual valuation. 



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