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Educate me, Please! CZ & the future of the Colt SAA

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Capt. John Fitzgerald:
I know, I know... Some of you may be asking,"what does this have to do with USFA?"  Well, nothing I guess, but with USFA dead and gone forever, what, other than comparisons, do we have that relates to them?
What I am seeking here is your speculations as to the future of the Colt SAA now that Colt has been acquired by CZ Firearms.
I am of the opinion that CZ acquired Colt solely in order to bypass the import regulations of their firearms into the US.  Many of their models that do not meet import restrictions can now be manufactured and sold here in the USA, thus negating the import requirements.  Granted, they already own Dan Wesson Firearms but DWF, I would presume, was a relatively small manufacturing facility.  Now that CZ own the Colt manufacturing plant they will be able to produce their own products here in the US on a much larger scale.
So here are my thoughts... CZ will continue, as they have apparently done with DWF, to produce 1911 style firearms to the  apparent exclusion of all other DWF's offerings.  Let's face it, there will never be a cease in the demand for the 1911's.  But what about our beloved SAAs?  I figure that the high cost and low profit margin of manufacturing the SAA will ring the death knell for the Colt branded SAA under the ownership of CZ.  CZ will most likely, in my humble opinion, continue making 1911's under the Colt name but will discontinue all SAA production due to the aforesaid high costs and low profit margins.
Do I blame CZ?  Absolutely not!  Colt was a failed business when acquired by CZ...more power to them, I guess. But what will happen to the "Colt" branded line of SAA's?  Have we seen the last of them?
What do you think?

My brother lives near the  colt plant. He had purchased a new Colt Python. He had a small issue with the rear sight and ended up talking to one of the guys who designed the Python. He had a pretty cool conversation with home. Anyway, the guy didn’t seem to think things would change much but may have more money coming in. That’s no guarantee but interesting.


 :) Capt. Fitz  ;)

WOW!!  A really good question.  I'l take a WAG (Military acronym for  WILD ASS GUESS) at it.  Initially, nothing.  No change.  Nothing different.  they have to get their own numbers people in the door to assess just how bad they got hosed.

Let's face reality.  Colt was only kept afloat by military contracts for the AR platform.  The SAA was sort of a "hobby" and not a real profitable one at that.  Must note, Colt shut the doors on the the "Custom" shop and the number of SAA produced is only a tiny trickle.  The current SAA comic out of Colt are rely much trash.  Big Hat . . . No Cattle.  And Colt only holds a very tiny "Niche" market share.  At present, and foreseeable future, Colt cannot compete with Uberti, Pietta, Standard or anybody else.  Sell a few guns?? Sure.  Make money doing it??  No way.

I can see the continuation of "Ol' Slab Sides" but not much else.  Regardless, it's all just a big WAG (Acronym Again).

Stay Safe Out There

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
  ;D"Big hat... no cattle";D Never heard that one before but I Like it!!!

Since NOBODY knows and everything is conjecture, I will just add, "Patience is a Virtue."   :)



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