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12 shot 22lr

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Capt. John Fitzgerald:
First off, welcome to our forum!  I have added your name, as requested, to our official member list.
Shoot it!!!  Were it mine, I'd shoot the hell out of it!!!  What could be more fun?  An afternoon of shooting for few dollars worth of ammunition.  If I'd had the money back when they were being offered, I would have snapped one up in a minute.  And don't worry about value.  If you take proper care it should not depreciate all that much. 
While .22 cal. SAA's may not be in very high demand, the relative rarity of your USFA model should help to hold it's value (I'm just guessing here).  What a great gun to introduce your sons, grandsons, daughters & granddaughters to the sport of shooting!
Again, Welcome,

Marshall Matt Dillon:
The wife says shoot it. She claims i am too old to buy things as investments,,,,I won’t live long enough for them to get valuable.

There is some truth to that, but then i wondered if she was threatening me.

Major 2:
are you a consumer or curator ?
Shoot it for sure , enjoy it and the fruits of your labor....

 otherwise someone you may not even know or be an heir will reap the profit someday


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