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Omni's are some of my favorite USFAs.  There is a consecutive nickeled target pair on gunbroker at the moment.  My question is this, they are early numbered guns and most likely have mostly Uberti parts.  Did Uberti ever make that style of frame found on the Omnis or were the frames made by USFA with all the other parts on these early guns made by  Uberti?


Uberti made Flattop Target SAA and Flattop Target Bisley replicas. The frames on those Omni's look very similar to a Flattop Target Bisley but I don't know if they're exactly the same.

The Pathfinder:
Looking at them I would say it looks like a Bisley frame, the weird part is that backstrap/triggerguard combination, so I'd probably guess the frames were made by Uberti.

Wow, odd hard to find guns in .32-20 no less!

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
Correct me if I am wrong, but apart from the "flat top" feature (which was also offered on the SAA), I believe that the frames used for the Bisleys & the Omnis were nothing more than the basic SAA frames with different back straps, trigger guards, hammers & triggers.  This, of course, just muddies the water as US made frames could have been used equally as well as Uberti made frames.



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