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Capt. John Fitzgerald:
No, no, not Randolph Scott! What I am wondering about is Standard Manufacturing and their SAA.  When first introduced they were the supposed heir apparent to USFA's reputation for quality.  Some even speculated that their SAA's were being manufactured on CNC machinery that was purchased from USFA.  Haven't seen or heard much of them of late.  Their prices were/are high.  They also have invested some of their time and effort into a couple of screw-ball pistol designs (not unlike USFA and the .22 ZIP).  So what, I guess, I want to know is has their SAA reached any level of success or acceptance in the world of cowboy action shooting?  Just curious.  ???

Dave T:

As far as I can tell Stardard is still making them and selling them for the original asking price of $1895. Still only one caliber (45 Colt.) and still only 4-3/4", 5-1/2", and 7-1/2" barrels on a cross pin frame. I've seen a couple for sale as used guns but it seems most people who buy them are hanging on to them.

I don't understand how this works but ever since they've appeared for sale the prices of USFA single actions have skyrocketed. It's hard to find one for under $2K and even the obvious Uberti parts guns like the USPFA marked ones seem to have increased in value.


If Standard is selling saa for that price why wouldn't I just buy a 3rd gen, new Colt saa? Or a all USA made USFA?

Major 2:
USFA ceased production of SAA revolvers, in 2011,
Resurface as ZiPFactory.com, based on its CRAP USFA ZiP .22 firearm.
The company formally dissolved in January 2017.

Colt assembled few if any SAA since 2018 , concentrating of other products , like 1911's and the new Colt Python.

You are way more likely to find an inflated USFA for sale.

And what few SAAs Colt has made since 2018 they have had a problem with frames cracking.  Sad to say but the SAAs frames and most other parts are outsourced.  Crap they might as well be USFAs.



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