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TNW Carbines


PJ Hardtack:
I just acquired a TNW ASR carbine in 9mm.  Also made in .40, .45 ACP, .357 Sig and 10mm. Comes apart for backpacking. Calibre conversions available.

Think of a semi-auto STEN gun firing from a closed bolt and you get the picture. Uses Glock magazines.

I mounted a red dot and it is a great grouper at 15m-25m and 100m with American Eagle 124 gr. NO FTF or FTE. People shooting 115 gr report FTF and FTE issues.

Due to the stiff recoil spring, it requires a good load.

I put on a SOG rubber butt pad and suffered three FTE in a session which I attribute to the pad and my winter jacket softening the recoil impulse too much.

Next time I remove the pad and prove it one way or the other.

Major 2:
The little subs are fun,  a friend of mine has one like yours.

My FFL has an AR in 45 ACP that looks a hoot and a grand way to scatter 45 ACP , though I'm not a player it was interesting ...

because, I had grabbed one of the PPS-43 semi's a few weeks back in a trade.
 I have it in an eBay scrounged clarinet soft case.   

PJ Hardtack:
I continue to enjoy my TNW 9mm carbine. It digests any and all ammo, brass or aluminum case, 115 or 124 gr.

It is recoil sensitive and MUST be firmly held to the shoulder or you risk a FTE, much like the 'limp wrist' reaction of a 1911.

Got an extended fore stock coming for it which should prove an aid to off hand.

The convertibility to other calibres makes it an attractive weapon for those who want to match it to a particular hand gun.


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