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Western style revolver holster for IPSC?

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G Bulldog Grainisland III:

I'm seriously considering to partake in IPSC revolver class. I'm trying to identify western style holsters that would fullfil them rules and still look cool instead of space gun holders.
So leather would be preferred, but I could live with kydex, well maybe.
I don't want a thumb break 'cause I'm worried that it'll mess up my draw. Obviously I'm not gunning for top spots since I'm putting style in front of performance, but there you go ;)

Since I'm certain some of you guys do shoot six guns in IPSC i was wondering what type of holsters do you use?


Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
If you are in CAS, you are already in IPSC.  The only difference is that in CAS/IPSC you wear cowboy boots.

Baltimore Ed:
I’ve got to slightly disagree with you Mr. Buff, if you shoot SASS Wild Bunch you are in CAS/IPSC. But if you shoot WB whilst shooting a 1911 or 1911a1 one handed, wearing a 1912 summer uniform, a Mills belt, flap holster, flap pouches and a DI hat you are correctly shooting Wild Bunch/ no ipsc. IMHO [There is no horse so dead that you cannot continue to beat it.]

Dave T:
I'm betting the Law Dog was referring to the oft repeated complaint that SASS has turned into IPSC in cowboy boots.

As for answering the OP's question, many older style loop holsters cover the trigger/trigger guard which is a requirement in both IPSC, ICOR, and IDPA. What I'm not sure an old style loop holster would be up to is the retention requirement of those games. It's been 10-12 years since I last shot in a match so I'm not up to date one the requirements but at one time your holster had to retain the gun pretty well for safety reasons.


Baltimore Ed:
I don’t think SASS has become ipsc but WB certainly has. But to the OP’s query, first thing is that I wouldn’t shoot my ‘six guns’ in ipsc but I have shot my 625 S&W DA in a few ipsc style matches. Just about any cowboy holster will work if its big enough for your gun’s barrels under lug and front sight. A slim jim style probably wouldn’t work. And it might need to be modded to clear your gun’s adjustable rear sight. Here is my 45 acp 625 and a 45 New Service in my cowboy/military half flap holsters, kinda plain vanilla but they work for me. A good holster maker can buiild any style holster to fit any make revolver with as much retention as wanted. You run into retention issues with these minimal plastic holsters that ipsc speed demons use, a shooter using a revolver in a autos game wearing leather should be fine. I do like the idea of a half flap or strap to retain the gun when not actually on the line to retain the gun when sitting or picking up brass, etc.



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