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Anybody heard of a Furhan top break 38?


Capt Quirk:
I was gun talking with a friend, and he mentioned an Irish made top break he once had. He said it was a "Furhan", or something like that. Since I can't find Furhan on Google, I may have remembered wrongly. It would be a first  ::)

Probably "Forehand"
Forehand and Wadsworth made "affordable" revolvers from 1871 till 1902. In the last years the name was reduced to just Forehand.
John in beautiful Art Texas

Capt Quirk:
Hmm... I wonder where he got Irish from? Thank you John !

Just a guess but: one of the products of F&W was the "British Bulldog". Bulldog style revolvers were a design made in England for the Royal Irish Constabulary, by Webley  and variously called an Irish Constabulary pistol or just a bulldog. And associated with Ireland. F&W marked some British Bulldog. But the bulldog style revolver isn't a top break. So who knows.
John in beautiful Art, Texas

Capt Quirk:
After you put me on the right track, I did read about those terms, RIC, and I have heard about the Weblys. So yeah, it does all come together.



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