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Best way to improve your aim

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What is the best way (in addition to just shooting) that a newer shooter can do to improve his aim?

Baltimore Ed:
Don’t see too many ninja cowboys around here and your question IS rather broad ....but aiming has to do with nice clean sights that are easy to see, not easily disturbed as in knocked out of alignment (adjustable sights are generally better than fixed) and regulated to each other and the bore so that the poa is the same as the poi. What I think you are referring to is marksmanship which is a HUGE subject as it is different for pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns. Good marksmanship involves breathing, trigger manipulation, a proper sight picture, a proper hold on the firearm, your stance and a bunch of other things that need to all work together to successfully fire a bullet from a firearm and hit a small, moving or distant target. My standard answer for newbys is to buy a .22 that is as close as possible in operation and feel to the center fire weapon that you want to compete with and shoot it alot. Walmart has .22 lr federal 550 bricks for 19.97 currently. There are tons of books and information in this forum on any kind of marksmanship or shooting sport you are interested in pursuing. Though I don’t know about the ninja marksmanship connection except as it pretains to archery and I sure can’t help you there. Good luck.

Dry fire.

Professor Marvel:
did you read all the stickies at the top of this forum?
a wealth of info there.

are you familiar with all the basics?
sight picture?
trigger control?
follow thru?

one needs breath control, strong cardio-vascular, upper body strength, fore-arm, wrist, and hand strength.
I cannot overemphasize the importance of being able  to hold your arm straight out with a pistol for 10 minutes

a good qualified coach makes a world of difference.

then get a quality, accurate pellet air pistol ( NOT airsoft ) -
you want an air pistol that can put 20 consecutive pellets into a dime at 10 meters.

then practice practice practice

learn how to call your shots, and learn to be able to tell "what went wrong" if a shot is not in the x-ring,
and learn what to do to correct it.

prof marvel

Forty Rod:
Go out in the boonies and have someone really hostile shoot at you.  It improves a lot of things including your disgestive tract workings.



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