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home made cannon

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River City John:

--- Quote from: Chev. William on August 19, 2013, 10:14:08 AM ---Tung in cheek;
What?  you fired a Cannon in a Naval Carriage without rigging the restraining tackle?  Good thing you did no step back to the rear of it.
Chuckling to myself,
Good Video.
Best Regards,
Chev. William

--- End quote ---

My thoughts too. See that chock for elevation go flying back with the recoil? Way cool!


Love it! Tell us more about building it....Where did you get the barrel? 

Kent Shootwell:
I made the whole thing. 1 3/4" I.D. X 3 1/2" 1026 DOM for the tube, 4" 4140 for the breech threaded to the tube, over all length 35.5" and 67lbs. , welded on trunions. The naval truck is maple held to gather with thru bolts. The charge is 500 grains of cannon GOEX the ball weighing 1.06 lbs. from a mold I made. I haven't chrono it yet. I found the retaining tackle reduces accuracy so I let her fly!
Click on photo to see video.

234 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr

It's handy for splitting wood too.

Kent Shootwell:
Fired over the chronograph today and the ball leaves the bore at 595 fps. About the right speed for CAS!  ::)

Mustang Gregg:
At 1.75"cal, wadded golf balls should work too.   ::)



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