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home made cannon

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Kent Shootwell:
New toy I made to play with. Took a limb off the dead tree at about 100 yards. Hope you find it entertaining.
IMG_0335 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr

Chev. William:
Tung in cheek;
What?  you fired a Cannon in a Naval Carriage without rigging the restraining tackle?  Good thing you did no step back to the rear of it.
Chuckling to myself,
Good Video.
Best Regards,
Chev. William

Forty Rod:
That reminds me, whatever happened to Calamity Jane up in Canada?

mr phil:
Where can I get one of these babies ?

Mine is made out of schedule 120 pipe about 3 foot long.
3oz of black puts a bowling ball over 3/4 mile.



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