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Wapak Kid:
   Please register me as a member of the USFA owners as I'm now the proud owner of the USFA Rodeo which is one great six shooter.   I wanted to buy the Peacemaker, but I couldn't find any anywhere and I was lucky to find the Rodeo which I removed the original finish and now it looks like a genuine Colt from the 1890's. 
    Kinda looks like their Pistolero, but with more blueing.   I love it and I'm still lookin to buy a Peacemaker if anyone know where I can find one, new or used I'd sure appreciate it. 
    I want the 4 3/4" Peacemaker.   My Rodeo is a 5 1/2" and one more thing;  I'm sure glad that USFA were smart enough NOT to put the name 'RODEO' on the gun!  ;) 
   I also want to join the SASS and was wanting to do it for a long time. so I'm going to be calling in my C.C. if I can for my membership.   My alias is Trapper or Trapper John as long as it's not already taken.
Thanks pards...

   UPDATE: I joined the SASS as of today and my alias is "Wapak Kid and my SASS #66166. 
My alias is the Wapak Kid and I'm wondering how to change my user name here from Trapper to Wapak Kid?   
Wapak Kid

Wapak Kid:
Please put me down as a proud owner of a USFA pistola!   I just joined SASS today and my number I got assigned was 66166 and my alias is Wapak Kid.
Thanks a lot!
Wapak Kid  66166

Bar Stool Billy:
 I am Bar Stool Billy and I shoot a pair of USFA SAA's. I am SASS member #60690. Add me to the list of fine shooters.

Thanks! BSB

Hello, folk...the nickname is mtngunr, I don't participate in shooting games, but have been shooting and tinkering with single action handguns in a very determined manner for several decades...just bought Rodeo on 20050605, and am super impressed with the quality which I put equal to or better than any other hangun of any design curently made in the US...definitely would like to be a member of a USFA Collectors association, and am curious if there is a "real" group with membership roll of actual names with actual membership numbers....

Long Arm Boyd:
Long Arm Boyd
SASS # 1597
Pair of Rodeos and a Pre-War.. All 44-40 and all 4 3/4"



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