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What do yiou guys think of .444 Marlin as a hunting round?

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I shoot contenders which means I hold no favoritism to a given round.
My 444 barrel doesn't get a lot of playtime but when it does there is no mistaking it's prowess.
... indeed an awesome round!
P.S. I love working with wood

pony express:
Don't have any experience with the .444, but I have an early '95 Marlin 45-70( Straight stock, no safety, micro groove rifling). Has a similar vintage 3X Weaver scope. Got 2 does last season, one dropped where shot, second one went about 100 yards, heart shot. No complaints about the performance. 300 grain soft points, moderate charge of RX7, not a hot load at all. Never hunted hogs, so I have no ideas about them.

Anyone handling a 45-70 can handle a 444 in my book.
Love to hear the old cartridges are still being used in the field.
I'm surprised that the doe made it 100 yds with a heart shot.
Sometimes it's a gravity assist, I've seen 'em travel 60 yds in three bounds going down a ridge.
Keep hunting with the big bore. You are THE MAN!'


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