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PPC- Anybody shoot a M65 S&W 357 Magnum?


If you do,  how do they hold up?  I just got a original and unmolested M65. I am interested as to their longevity with fast double action shooting.  The one I have is a fixed sight, Pachmayr gripped, 4" stainless steel revolver.

Texas Lawdog:
It is a SS version of the Model 13 which is a 357 version of the old "bull barrel"  Model 10 M&P.  It's a good cop gun, no adjustible sights to mess with.  You can shoot 357 rounds in it on occasion. I would not recommend a steady diet of them. The heavy barrel gives it some extra weight.  I carried a 3 inch model as a Detective until we went to semi-autos, and I liked it.  It would be a good home defense weapon with 38spl Plus P ammo.

RedHeaded Stranger:
Bought a stainless M65-5 for my wife a few years ago.  It seems to function OK.  It is not given any rough treatment or rapid fire.  Last time it was fired was 2 years ago.  Always thought it looked funny with the LadySmith grips. 


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