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1875 Remington Original Front Site

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Does the original 1875 Remington have a Post Front Site or a Blade Site on that is on Uberti's

Marshal Will Wingam:
I just went online and found examples of originals both ways.

The Pathfinder:
As it seems to be the case with the Ubertis, the original Remington started out using the post front sight and later on went with the blade like Colt. Not sure when or what drove the change, but would bet by the 1888 and 1890 models they were all made with the blade.

I believe the first ubertis also had post front sights, so both had both at one time or another.

The Pathfinder:
The early Ubertis did indeed have the post front, also had the original style of cylinder pin latch which used a spring on the end of the cylinder pin as opposed the the cross pin like the later Colts used. Now they all use the cross pin. I believe all of the earliest 1875s went to Replica Arms of Ohio back in the early 70s. I believe there may have been less than 400 made that way as I haven't seen or heard of one out of the 3XX range. I have three, two in the 2XX range and also serial # 10.



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