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Remington 38-55 rolling block

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Dave T:
From the leading edge of the action back that looks very much like the Pedersoli (sp?) target Rolling Block being sold these days. The barrel and fore end look to be custom re-barreling and a custom fore end. You very seldom see that attention to detail on the hammer, the block's thumb tab, and on the trigger guard, on military conversions.

My $.02 worth. YMMV


It definitely looks newer than any conversion I've ever seen. Once I get it home I'll remove the sight and see what it says.

The only way that I know to verify the caliber would be to make a chamber casting using cerrosafe from Brownells. Then measure the dimensions of the casting and compare to different cartridge dimensions.

A very nice looking rifle.


 :) Logangrimnar  ;)

Well??  What was the Discovery??  Final Determination??  Best Guess??  Final Answer??  Weak and Feeble minds be some curiouser!!

People are Still Hazardous to Yer Health.  Avoid 'Em

The shop took it back and refunded my money. They then sold it as a 357 herret. Very possibly what it is but why anyone would chamber that rifle in that Caliber is anyone's guess



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