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Afraid to shoot it

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Keith H.:
Before I start, just want to say this is my first post. I came here looking for help mostly, but looks like I'll stick around because it looks good here.
As to the headline, yes, it's true, but not for the reason one may think. The reason for the fear of shooting it lies in the serial number.
It's a Uberti Bisley in .357
I bought this one straight off the shelf brand new in box. Never fired.
I understand date codes, so that I have no problem with, however, I do not know what the first two letters in the serial means.
I was looking forward to getting this home and shooting it. I must add that this was a few years ago, and I'm always a lil busy doing this and that, so it has only now come to my mind to put this question to rest. Well, as I said, the day it came home with me, I was looking forward the next day to getting the feel of her out in the pasture with some handloads. That night however, as I'm fondling her and admiring her curves, I notice the serial.
That is when I became a lil happy and sad all at the same time.
I decided to put her back in the plastic wrap in the box and stow her away until time permitted for me to look into this.
As you can see by now, I'm very slow at getting to things, so it has been all this time and I'm just now making an attempt to find the answer.
I will try to post pics if anyone needs them.
So, here it is: The serial is UE0001
So, I know it says 0001....but....I know as well that I can't be that lucky to have the first Uberti Bisley, so what do the letters mean?
I'm just assuming the letters mean that it's just the run for that year, or some other something.
Should I consider it shootable, or resign it to the vault?
The date code is CS...2017
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Howdy Keith and Welcome.  A Wild guess might be that Uberti got up to UD9999 and then started over at UE0001.  An email to Uberti might tell you; I've heard they do get back to people sometimes.  Anyways, Uberti has been making Bisleys for well over 20 years so I'm not sure what you have but it is still cool to have it.  But I don't think it will add to the value, so shoot it!  My opinion, of course.  :)

Keith H.:
Thanks Abilene!
I never even thought about it being A, B, C, and so on for every turnover....with the U being Uberti. This makes perfect sense.
Now I won't feel so bad about letting her have a go at some peach cans....  ;D
Thanks again!!



 :)  Hi Keith  ;)

PLUS ONE for Abilene.  With the exception of some limited Stainless Uberti Percussion guns (somewhat collected), there really isn't a collector's market for anything Uberti or any of the mass reproductions.  Fire Away

Play Safe Out There

Kent Shootwell:
What good is a toy you don’t play with?


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