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Parts differences between an original Remington 1890 and a Uberti replica?


Virginia Gentleman:
If you had a frame and a barrel of an original Remington 1890, what parts would absolutely be original Remington and what parts world work from a Uberti replica?

The Uberti screws are all going to be metric whereas I'd expect the originals are standard thread. That would be a problem. If you can get a screw set then most of the internal parts ought to be fittable (trigger, springs, hand, bolt etc.) As to the hammer, cylinder, cylinder pin, & ejector I don't know.

Virginia Gentleman:
So either change the threads on the screws or change the threads on the gun itself?

Kent Shootwell:
Always alter the minor parts, rethread the screws.

Dixie Gun Works supposedly has a couple of the screws for originals.  Another option would be to find a machinist to make them for you.  Might be worth asking places such as S & S Firearms if they have what you need.  Sometimes parts places have a few parts they don't have enough of, or enough demand for, to advertise.



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