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Don't give up on that barrel after only 10 shots. What is your load? Did you slug the bore and match bullet diameter to groove size, or .001" - .002" over?   As long as it is a quality barrel and  the bore is in good condition, there is no reason that a good load can't be worked up for it.

Dave T:

The problem is, it is a "quality" original Remington barrel that's 135-140 years old inside.  Looks good from the breech end but looking down the muzzle I can barely make out the rifling for 2-3 inches.  It was a gamble that it would shoot and today proved it doesn't.  Not hitting an 18X30 piece of cardboard with but one shot was telling.  Not coming close to anything with the remaining 7 shots was the nail(s) in the coffin.  They weren't all misses in the same direction either.  One shot was high, the next was low.  Then one went high and right, etc. and not by inches but by feet.


When you said it was completely restored in your first post, I assumed this meant the bore was pristine too. If it is worn out, consider having it relined. As mentioned earlier, John Taylor is a gunsmith well versed in this kind of work. He has done quite a few jobs for me over the years.

You never did post photos of it, so we can only imagine what you have. Enquiring minds would still like to see it 😀

Dave T:
Thanks ndnchf, and CCG.  I'll check him out.



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