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Missing a Remington

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Tuolumne Lawman:
I have searched high and low, and can not find a picture of what an original .46 rimfire box looks like.  I did find the picture of the .46 short bullet from the box of Winchester (because of the H head stamp in the picture), so I use red paper like 1870s Winchester pistol cartridge boxes used on their labels, and formatted the rest like a Winchester cartridge box in another pistol caliber.

From "Cartridges of the World", I got the original factory loads for .46 rimfire.  Remington loaded a 227 grain bullet over 20 grains of powder with a grease wad, and Winchester loaded a 230 grain bullet over 26 grains of powder.


--- Quote from: Marshal Will Wingam on January 14, 2022, 10:58:19 AM ---Looks good! I'm surprised Walt doesn't offer an ejector that has a tab that's is caught by the rammer the way some originals were. Love the cartridge box, too.

--- End quote ---

The one that Uberti makes like that does not have a spring.  I have handled them and think a spring-loaded ejector rod like the Kirst that doesn't need the rammer to be unlatched each time is a lot more handy.

Tuolumne Lawman:
I had an Uberti factory NMA conversion for a bit, and it was OK, but seemed like it was significantly bigger that the percussion.  I know it is supposed to be 10% bigger to accommodate a 6 shot .45 Colt  cylinder, but to me it seemed even bigger than that!

I have four percussion Pieta that I Kirst Konverted.  I think I enjoy them more, because I am the one who really created them.  My two 1860s (8" & 3") have replaced everything else as main match pistols.  They are uber-cool, and totally in character with my 1869 Persona, who had private .46 rimfire long cylinder conversions to go with his 1860 Henry.  The .46 caliber (with a .456" bullet) conversions were far more accurate than the LCC that used .44 Rimfire, as that .438/.440" diameter bullet would bounce down the .454/456" bore of the Colt 1860s and Remington NMA.

I always believed the barrels were sleeved on the 44 rimfire conversions? It would be cool if they werent lol. Get her done!  ;D

Tuolumne Lawman:
From what research I did for my conversion articles, they were not lined, at least in most cases, hence poor accuracy from the .44s.



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