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Missing a Remington

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Tuolumne Lawman:
Well, I have been using a Schofield and a either a Kirst 1860 Saber River Konversion or 1872 Open Top as my main match pair, but hvae been missing having a Remmie.  I already have a Kirst Pale Rider and ejector rod, so I have an 1858 Pietta on back order (due in end of next week). 

Probably going to eventually mill out a loading notch in the solid Pale Rider recoil plate, and make it gate-less like the originals.  A 5 shot like the original .46 Rimfires is correct.  Shooting Schofield would have been feasible back then with a modified hammer.  .46 rimfire was basically a rimfire .45 Schfield.  The .46 RF case was only .02" (two hundredths) of an inch larger, and the bullet was .456 instead of the .454 of the Schofields.

The Schofield and the Kirst will still be my main guns, but the Remmie will be my back-up main match pistol.

Tuolumne Lawman:
My Pale Rider NMA with my other Kirst pistols

Tuolumne Lawman:
Decided against modifying the Pale Rider recoil plate.  Instead ordered the gated ring separately from Old South Firearms fo $200.  Going to do the full on gated conversion.  They are just plain cool.

Tuolumne Lawman:
Well, I cut the loading channel in the recoil shield of my Pietta NMA (1858). DANG!  This had the hardest steel of any of the Piettas I have Kirst Konverted!  Holy Cow, I went through 8 Dremel drums - 6 coarse and one fine, instead of the 4+1 I usually use.  Covered the areas I wanted to protect with Gorilla tape, but still had two small buggered areas from the drum jumping more than normal.  Oh well, I got it done.  Now I need some faux-ivory grips.

I installed a Kirst ejector rod assembly, but left the rammer installed.  Just as on some original NMA conversions I have seen with the rammer left on, as it would have allowed shifting back to a percussion cylinder in a pinch, where the .46 Rimfire ammo was not available in the far reaches of the frontier.

Marshal Will Wingam:
Looks good! I'm surprised Walt doesn't offer an ejector that has a tab that's is caught by the rammer the way some originals were. Love the cartridge box, too.



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