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Sourdough starter making

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River City John:
I'm sure the topic's been covered before in here, but being lazy . . .

Wife made a new sourdough starter that has been bubbling away on the back of the stove since last Thursday.

A test loaf is being baked to sample for taste. Yummy!

She's using All-Purpose flour, but, any suggestions for different flours? Is there such a thing as strictly a bread flour?

There is specifically a bread flour.  It is higher in gluten.   Builds a lot of gluten during kneading.     

For other options, you can buy other grains like rye and barley to blend in for different textures and flavour.   

I make any breads with it, rye breads are very suited, but these are the most well lik

  Will have to do them at the muster this year.

Those look tasty!


--- Quote from: Mogorilla on January 21, 2021, 04:05:48 PM ---Those look tasty!

--- End quote ---

They are, you coming to the muster this year, looking good for me to be there.



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