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 :)  OK Boys and Girls and Undecided   ;)

This is "IT"   The day we have waited ALL YEAR for.  Yesssiree BOB (Who's Bob?). 

It's NATIONAL BACON DAY!!  All Day!!  So feel free to "Bacon ALL DAY".  Bacon cookies, Bacon Cake, Bacon Fish, just so many choices.  So let's all heat up those Fry Pans and get to some BACON!!! 

Stay Safe

Cap'n Redneck:
"Eggs & bacon": a days work for a hen, a life's work for a hog. 

Dang Yuppies discovered bacon, put it on everything, give it it's own day, and next thing you know it costs 3 times what it's worth.  Good thing, because of it, there is a surplus of ham and I can buy whole hams for a dollar, dollar and a half a pound.  ;D

Then they all bought Suzy Homemaker pellet grills and started smoking of all things, chuck roast, then the run the price of chuck roast up high and then there is a surplus of strip loin and I buy them whole for less than chuck, then I can smoke whole strip loins in my $29.95 Home Depot charcoal grill that I fire with the yard trimmings. ::)

Now they are paying more for fresh side meat than bacon. ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)

Oregon Bill:
Somewhere I have a recipe for bacon baklava, which surely would make any decent Ottoman spin in his grave.   ;)


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