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HELP! Need recipe for "canned apple" pie

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Professor Marvel:
Greetings My Good Netizens -

I need some help, please

I am not a cook. I am just a poor dumb retired engineer/computer weenie.

I desparately Need a recipe for "canned apple" pie

Online recipes are not helpful at all. No troubleshooting pages.

Worse, they do not progress in a logical step-by-step linear order.
eg: they almost all read like this

to make this lovely frothy blah blah ( 3 pages of BS) simply
1) collect the ingrediants ( f'in duh)
2) mix all the dry indrediants in a bowl ( ok which ones are they? and quantities, why do I have to go back to the ingrdt list? )
2a)add a pinch of blah   ( wtf is a quantitaive measurement for a pinch ?)
3) add the wet indregiants ( ok is butter wet or dry? can you please put the quantities here as well as in the list?)
4) now take THE PREVIOUSLY PREPARED MAGIC CRAP that you made the night before and ....

with no mention of prep time, should the ingrediants be room temp, is "fridge temp" ok?,
or what substitutions work, and how to substitute, what happens if I melt the butter,
or how to troubleshoot when it's too thick, too runny, not setting up in the oven, etc etc...

oh and ALTITUDE. I am at 7200 ft above sea level. If a storm is coming thru and the barometric pressure drops,
what "stuff" is affected, besides cakes rising ( they don;t anyway baking GLuten Free  :P ) and water boiling temp?


I used to make a rectangular apple pie for holidays using a "gluten free, egg free, soy free, nut free, corn free"
crust of my own devising, (starting with Bisqwik GF Pancake mix) and Krakovia Apple Filling in a jar.

Well,  the Karkovia went missing, can no longer find it, and Last year I used up my last 4 jars.

I have a hard time using fresh fruit, cuz, DAMMIT JIM I AM AN ENGINEER NOT A TREE SURGEON COOK.

I have a source of "safe" canned apples (no starch, gluten, corn syrup, soy, nuts etc) ,
but when I tried to make the pie for T day it the filling mix was  totally runny.

I followed the recipe on the can to the letter.
of course it did not work...

 It tasted OK but .... and Mrs Marvel could not abide the looks of it...



prof nutcake

I will call my oldest daughter in the morning and talk to her, she is the gluten free wizard, I need to learn a bit since both kids have that problem but I haven't got into the baking yet.

Professor Marvel:
Thanks Del, I appreciate all the help I can get.

prf mrvl

Ain't got a hold of here yet.

One thing I know about GF baking is the need for a binder, a small amount xanthum gum is a great help.



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