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Lord Eoin MacKenzie:
IS there any lower salt suggestions for those us with zipper tracks on our chests? 

Well, some will disagree, but my father was in the group that if he ate "salty" foods, you could literally see his face change colors from a blood pressure increase.   So, how we addressed that was to increase the flavor profile.  The problem with that is it is more labour intensive.   The other problem is it really eliminates a lot of processed foods.   Since I have an intense soy allergy, I have not used many processed foods.

Make your own stocks.   Roast bones, and simmer them with vegetable parts (I save the trimmings from onion, celery and carrot slicing).   I make beef, chicken and ham stock and freeze it in 1 cup portions in ziploc bags.  Usually I have reduced the stock by half anyway, so they are really 2 cups.   With ham, you can get a lot of flavor out of 2 ham hocks.  They are cheap.  Make soup from that with leaner hams or meats and you will be surprised how much you do not notice a lower amount of NaCl.   Same with beef and chicken broth.   They can bring a lot to any dish you fix.   
I do have high BP and I limit my salt intake on the possibility I have my father's predisposition, so if I am having salt, it is in good cheese or olives.  Both things I still enjoy.   

I do not have any specific recipe per se, but I can write up how I do stocks if you are interested.

Not in any way making light of this thread, but one day our shift was at lunch, and it was pointed out when we all were here twenty-five years ago, we talked about girls and sports.  Now we talk about colonoscopies and knee replacements!

Make as much from scratch as possible and toss away the salt shaker, been doing it for years, my problems were not the BP or cholesterol, probably had the problems all my life, explains a lot.

I actually am fighting low BP part of the time.

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Del; Where is that long nightshirt when it is really needed!



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