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Quarantine Cooking

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dusty texian:
Mogorilla you got my mouth watering over the Berry Jam and soda bread  talk , wishing I could trade you a chunk of that Garlic smoked pork roast  for some of that jam . Take care Amigo !,,,DT

Duck Creek:
Great to hear about all the culinary efforts going on out there in CAS land. We have, for the most part, been following River City John’s lead. Preparing soups, stews and some casseroles that generate plenty of leftovers.
I have also been reworking some of my old recipes into a more heart healthy style. Surprisingly most of the experiments have been successful, at least according to my resident food critic.
I read that many folks are home baking again and they seem to be trying sourdough recipes. Hope they all have read Del’s treatise on sourdough as it answers any questions you could possibly have.
Duck Creek

Tascosa Joe:
We live in a small enough place that we have had 2 cases of the virus in the county.  Both in the same family.  I don't eat beans unless they are green so we don't have cans of beans in the pantry,  but we do have a well stocked freezer mostly dead cow and chicken.  We really haven't changed our diet.  I assisted the wife making bread this morning.  We have 2 of the grand children with us and we spend most of the time home schooling.

Pretty much normal here, getting some supplies and got a good stock, Swiss Steak for supper.


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