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In checking out the "Frankenpistol" thread on this forum I got to thinking. I realy do want short barreled .45 L.C. with birdshead grips. I'm just too cheap to spend $600 for one. How many, if any, grip frames will interchange with other makers. For example does a Pieta  grip frame screw right onto an Uberti, or is there any other combination?

Major 2:
It's been my experience Pietta will not direct fit....
Course one can braize in the brass screw holes and redrill , then file for a reasonable facsimile of a fit....

however, Al Sharpton might disagree  ;D

sack peterson:
They will bolt on, but they are not “interchangeable” in any meaningful sense.  Here’s what you run across:

Screw patterns line up.  Threads are the same size.  But size of the screw heads is different, so you end up ordering a complete new set of screws.

Cylinder frame widths are different.   Pietta’s revolver has a more dramatic taper to the front.  A Pietta TG won’t properly cover the bottom of a Uberti cylinder frame.  Vice versa, you’d have to narrow out the edges on Uberti TG.

Uberti’s cylinder frame seems to be a 1/8 inch larger vertically.  Pietta’s TG / BS go on a bit kitty wampus as a result.  The other way around, I recall the Uberti TB / BS gapping on a Pietta frame.


TwoWalks Baldridge:
Bugscuffle ... perhaps a better option would be to check out VTI.  For the Uberti you get a 3" sheriff barrel and a birds head back strap for $175  and have a better chance of a good fit.  I believe you would have the same option for Pietta.  This would be better than trying to mix unrelated manufacturers.

Buy the time you buy the new grip frames, new screws, new grips, etc. you will have probably spent more than $600.00.


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