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ASM EMF Hartford Premier any good?

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Today I bought the above mentioned gun in .45 Colt with 4 3/4" barrel and two sets of grips NIB.
I'm reading conflicting reports on these. Some say they are very good quality, some say they are not.
I plan to pair it up with my Uberti El Patron to shoot CAS. It seems to be of equal quality and just as smooth as my El Patron.
What exactly did I buy today?


Curley Cole:
I have been a fan of EMF since the mid to late 70s, and that is just what the reports on the ASM's were.....conflicting. some were good some were excellent but a lot of them were bad. I guess it would depend on what day of the week they were made...so to speak.

I have 2 EMF Dakotas by Jager from very early 1980s, and are excellent.

You will find that parts are not usually interchangable (once again there is that word...usuallly...) but if you paid a good price, and they feel solid....not to worry.

we could use some pix...

I've had several and the ones that were nice were very nice.  When you do get a bad one, they are very bad.  If yours looks good, the parts fit well, and everything works it will probably last you a long time.

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sack peterson:
Yes, you do the google on ASM and that’s about the gist of it.  A mixed bag.  Very spotty toward the end (2004). 

I believe we are to understand the doggiest of the ASM’s were channeled through vendors that were not very serious cowboy gun retailers (…KBI).  So you’d think an EMF gun ought to be alright.  And Hartford Premier was EMFs top of the line model for a time.
I’ve had three ASMs.  Two EMFs, one good, one exceptional.  And I had an AWA that was a dog.  Something on it broke every time it was shot.

They are a true to Colt build.  They are easily fixed with better parts if something goes bad.  ASMs were generally finished quite nice.

Interesting they stopped making them that long ago.
You know, I was a little suspicious when the clerk had to clean quite a bit of dust off the box.
Now I get the feeling that they held back their laughter 'til I was out the door. But maybe people were just spooked by the occasional bad report.
Still haven't fired it, but I've been handling it. It has a much better trigger pull than my El Patron.
She's solid and smooth. Nothing rattles or moves. It locks up properly even when rapidly cocked, which I read was a problem area with some of them.
I think I got lucky.  :)

Thanks Guys,


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