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American Arms / Uberti -- the same? Worth it?



New to CAS and new to these boards.  Been looking into purchasing a pair of pistols and I keep coming up with American Arms/Uberti in the same listings on gunsamerica.com and such sites.
Are they actually the same company?
Are they worth investing in?
I'm sure I might have missed something in the FAQ area, so my apologies if I did and I'm repeating an often asked question, I just didn't want to make a bad initial purchase.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Uberti is the manufacturer.  Names like EMF, Cimmarron, Taylor's, American Arms, Mitchell etc. are importers.  A Uberti is a Uberti regardless of who imported it.

Thanks, Petti, now I feel kind of silly but at least I learned something.   :D

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Hoof Hearted:

Pettifogger is correct, they are both manf'd at the same place..............
But there is a large difference in fit and finish amongst the different names, so do your home work ;)



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