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SAA Gunsmith Question...Turning Down a Cylinder


I recently converted a Uberti 1873 Regulator from 45LC to 38-40. The Uberti is nickle plated and the cylinder I bought is also nickle plated.

The cylinder fit perfectly without much work in the nickle plated frame.

But when I tried to fit this cylinder into another Uberti regulator with a case colored frame, the diameter was too large to even fit into the receiver opening.

This might be from the nickle plating and the copper under the nickle? And they might open up the nickle frames a smidge because of this?

The cylinder would need to be turned down .018" to fit into the case colored frame. This isn't a cosmetic issue because I'll be "GunKote"ing the cylinder anyways.

Do you that are in the know think this would be a strength issue once it is turned down?

I don't believe the cylinder is case hardened. It is modern so I'd think it is hardened straight through?

Comments and thoughts please.........

Hoof Hearted:

I think you have verified an issue here that I have been pondering............
I have run into fitment and tolerance issues on the Regulators before.

To address your question, the hardness is not an issue but the nickle plating may be.
I would have someone "reverse" the plating off first. This might even fix your fitment issue as you said.
Then I would measure the depth of the bolt stop cuts to see whether that will cause an issue with having enough stop to work correctly.

I have put many Uberti cylinders in other clones and even in a few 2nd gen Colts. The Uberti cylinder is the largest diameter of the bunch!


Wish I could just find another Nickle Uberti here in Massachusetts!!! >:(

I spoke to VTI and they will have the blued cylinder in a month or so....I think I'm just gonna wait for that solution.


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