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Two Flints:
A former member of the Spencer Shooting Society has taken it upon himself to present himself as a spokesperson for SSS during an alleged conversation he had with one of the major companies importing Spencer Carbines from Armi Sport.  Apparently, this individual has suggested that SSS is preparing a list of fixes for the Spencer Firearm to improve its performance, and that these fixes should or might be incorporated into future models of the Spencer on an 'added cost per fix basis'.  In addition, this same suggestion has been posted on other forums.  The “Fixes & Repair’ post was started for the exclusive benefit and use of SSS members and on a “need to try-it basis” only.  To blatantly suggest that SSS is in the process of conjuring up a definitive list of “fixes” for the Spencer is ludicrous at best, and only serves to harm the image of the Spencer Firearm, especially for those individuals who may be considering its purchase.

Any conversation regarding the “Fixes & Repair” post that took place between that individual and the company importing Spencer Firearms was done without the prior knowledge, approval and support of the Spencer Shooting Society.


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