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I've managed to get my "new" old Spencer operational, so will definitely be keeping it.  Although initially advertised as a Model 1865, it appears to be an original 1860 rifle, and bears Serial# 22773.  The seller later advised that he was later told that serial number was within the range of a lot purchased by Massachusetts in 1864 to arm some of their state units.  Any information on the history of this rifle would be greatly appreciated.


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You may find these links interesting . . . I also own a Massachusetts Spencer Rifle.





There are other links available - the search parameter I used is:

"Massachusetts Spencer Rifles"    (without the quote marks)

Two Flints

Wonderful information!  Thank you, Two Flints!  Of course, what complicates the situation is that rifles were not always shipped sequentially.  Rifles that didn't meet specs at the factory would be pulled, re-worked, then shipped with the ongoing batch when completed.  Pretty safe to say that mine was probably one of the Massachusetts Spencers!  Wow!


Two Flints:

I received an Email last night and was sent this post by SSS Member 380VI.  His post appeared back in 2018 . . . regarding Spencer Rifles issued to Massachusetts.

(Book reference) Mother, May You Never See the Sights I Have Seen; The 57th Massachusetts Volunteers in the Last Year of the Civil War.  Warren Wilkinson, 1990. ISBN 0-06-016257-0   
Company "K", the "Sharpshooter Company
Francis Moore Harrington  Spencer Rifle # 23978   (pp 604- #35)
Henry H. Perry  Spencer Rifle  # 23816  (pp 613- #67) "Last man of the regiment to die during the war.  Died of wounds 9 April 1865"
Edward F. Potter [till 5 Jan 1865 when promoted]  Spencer Rifle # 23677   (pp 614 - # 72) "rifle turned in to company when he was promoted to 1st Lt."

Thanks again 380VI for your reminder Email to me.

Two Flints

I found interesting information by the way here and here https://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php?topic=64820.msg766661#msg766661

For my hobby, this is great!



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