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S&S center fire block.


I recently bought a 1860 Spencer carbine and am looking to buy a center fire conversion block.  I called Buffalo and they are out.  They said the guy that made the ones they sell has been sick and don’t know if he will be making any more.  They were recommended by the seller of the rifle.  Has anyone here used the S&S one?  Is it hardened like the Buffalo one?  Fit problems?  Same block as Buffalo sells?  Thanks in advance.

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Hi ldpfeifer,

I've got to ask.  Did you ever spring for that 1865, $3500.00 Spencer Carbine?  Guess you didn't. 

And shame on you.  You never joined SSS!!  To join I will just need your Email address.  Just send me an Email at fsgrand2@fairpoint.net and I'll add your username to our membership list.

Nearly all center fire blocks need some work for better fitting.  If there are none available at Buffalo then give S&S your order, I don't think you have any other choice at this point.  eBay?  I'm pretty sure I have the S&S Centerfire Block in one of my Spencer Carbines . . . no issues with firing, and both did require some filing and fitting to work properly.

Two Flints

Major 2:
My Spencer had an S&S ...at the time ( 1983-4 )  I got it it was the only game in town....
I had no issue in function in the 20 + years I had it , minor fitment initially at the pivot screw only.

Sold the gun in 2007, far as I know it is still functioning fine....

I have a couple of the older style S&S breech blocks--the one with the little slot in the firing pin carrier.  I modified one of them by broadening and flattening he groove in the top of the block to fit the Spencer-style magazine cutoff.

Both blocks took quite a bit of fitting, but now they both work just fine.

The block S&S pictures on their website has a different design for the firing pin carrier than my blocks--I have no experience with the changed design, although I would expect it to be some kind of improvement.  They should be able to answer your questions.  I note that Dixie appears to show the same block as S&S, same price, but out of stock.

Good shooting--


Thanks for the info.  I will get the block ordered.



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