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Spencer found in a cave

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El Supremo:
Thanks, MGMRADIO/Mike:
I will also try for a copy via a member here.
Since barrel done years ago, twist will be interesting.
It could match an original or be Larry's preferred 36" or 32".

 I spoke with Bill. He believes that the barrel is a Douglas barrel that was turned down and fitted by Romero. 6 grove rifling and not sure of the twist. Grove diameter around 0.513”.

El Supremo:
Many thanks, MGMRADIO:

The Douglas barrel recollection fits Larry's remarks to me in 2004-2005. 
He shared that at the start of his Spencer's he used Douglas 4140 alloy, 50  caliber blanks with 36" twists.  He wanted a faster 32" twist, but  could not get Douglas to cut it in 50 caliber. 
He bought used Pratt and Whitney hydraulic guide bar 1/2B-50 machinery to make his own using either 41L40 or 12L14 alloys. 
This transition happened around 1999-2000.

Overall, Larry's Spencer twists were 36"and 32" and there are two documented Hoyt blanks with 56" twist that were specifically requested by shooters.  There is a third, original carbine with a 56" Hoyt twist
replacement barrel that the owner posted was Romano's work.
Larry told me he did not do that one, that it was "never in his shop, and he knew who did it".

Kevin Tinny/El Supremo
Edited 30 Oct 21 to correct twist of 38" to 36". Kevin

El Supremo:

I read the nice article that was shown to me by a friend that is an experienced BPCR shooter.
Especially helpful was the hunting portion that included the effectiveness of the 56-50.

Interesting that the article includes a photo of a c-fire round with Rapine 350T bullet. 
That bullet has a larger lube groove than the Lyman 515XXX with smaller lube capacity.
The test target was shot with the Lyman bullet.  The author noted that with the Lyman bullet, accuracy was good for the first 5/6 shots and then required bore wiping to eliminate shots that enlarged the group about 50%.

The barrel was a 30" Romano.

Just to clarify, please:
The increased (accuracy reducing) fouling in the 30" barrel is probably from the reduced lube capacity of the Lyman bullet.  Using alternative 56-50 bullets, such as the Romano, Rapine 350T and some by Accurate Bullet Molds that all have a single, larger capacity lube groove has presented no reduced accuracy issues from fouling in any of my rifles. 

El Supremo/Kevin Tinny


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