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Spencer found in a cave

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Jack Wagon:
Passing the newsstand I spotted a Spencer on the cover of the 2021 Fall edition of The Black Powder Cartridge News. A good article about a relic Spencer found in a cave in Arizona and restored to shooting condition. Nice to see a Spencer on the front page,  Jw

might have to get that one :D

Jack Wagon:
It is a good article. The M1865 Spencer carbine was apparently field decommissioned to prevent it's use. Quite a restoration project including a new Romano barrel. A 56-50 load development section and a hunting trip with the restored Spencer.  Jw

El Supremo:

I don't subscribe any more. 
Maybe someone with access could post the new Romano barrel's bore spec's, number L&G, and twist.  Also what load worked well, please.
Thanks and smiles.
Edited for typo.
El Supremo/Kevin Tinny

Hi Kevin,
    I was with Bill Mapoles when he was shooting the targets for the article. I’ll see if he remembers the specs. He found it quite a few years ago and him and his son restored it many years ago.



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