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Low number burnside spencer carbine


Bought awhile back a burnside spencer numbered 30x2 - apparently one of the first carbines after their rifle production ! It also has an official as opposed to hand carved number 79 stamped on the left side of stock close to butt ! How can one find any info on this relic esp with the significance of that number stamped into the stock ?? Thanks to any who care to respond !!

Does your carbine have a Stabler cutoff?

I'm not sure what  you mean by Burnside "rifle production."  Burnside made Spencer and Burnside carbines and, I believe, early in the war  a very very few Burnside patent rifles (using the "ice cream cone" percussion cartridge), but I am not aware of Burnside-manufactured Spencer rifles other than the ones converted from carbines by Springfield Armory in the 1870s.

Do you have photos?  They could be helpful and educational.



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