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Serial number request #339

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Friend just bought a Spencer rifle, sn 339, made in Boston, but it’s also stamped 1865?

 Correction:Updated to sn 339

Two Flints:
If it's stamped with 1865  . . . my research books won't have those serial #s . . .

Ok, thanks

Two Flints:
Steady H,

(1)   Can your friend send me photos of his Spencer Rifle? 

(2)   Is there an engraved "anchor" symbol somewhere on the

(3)   On the underside of the barrel under the forearm is a second serial # . . . is it the
        same as found on the receiver? 

(4)   Is it a rifle or carbine?  What is the length of the barrel?

(5)   Please, need clear, sharp photos of the Spencer.  Especially the receiver area, top,
       bottom and sides. open and closed action.  Send them to me at -

Two Flints



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