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Need centerfire breechblocks

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Hello members of the SSS

I am in desperate need of 1 or 2 centerfire breechblocks for original Spencers... All usual sources of supply haven't offered them for quite a while. Do you know where I could buy some ? (the seller would have to accept to ship to France, and he would really save my life :)



El Supremo:
Good morning:

S and S Firearms, Glendale, NY (must use Glendale in Internet search) shows center-fire Spencer blocks in stock.
S and S prefers inquiries be via email, not telephone.
S and S may be preparing to be at the N-SSA Nationals next week, so replies could be in mid-October.

There have been a few instances of center-fire blocks not easily fitting due to minor variations in original receivers, so before ordering, please measure the original rim-fire blocks and compare them to the centerfire version at S and S.  Smiles.
El Supremo/Kevin Tinny

Thank You El Supremo

Unfortunately for me , S&S Firearms do not ship internationally any more. That is sad because I used to buy from them.. :'(

Get a local engineering machine shop to make it for you, shouldn't be a problem, just need a lathe and milling machine.

El Supremo:
Hello, Clyde:

My guess is that unless you find a friendly shop, scratch making a couple blocks at a shop in your area will be expensive.  Setup, machine hours and resolving hardening aspects would not be cheap. 
But local copying of your functioning upper block might reduce or eliminate fitting issues.

S&S can provide critical dim's for you to study before ordering.

I have encountered c-f blocks from two vendors, made in different custom shops that did NOT fit an Ord. Dept cartouched Spencer rifle.  Even though cartouched, it failed inspection and was shipped from the factory to a state militia unit.  It cycles ctg's, but was so far off spec internally that c-f blocks would not fit.  So there were Spencer's that were enough off spec that modern c-f blocks won't easily fit.

Since you are still searching - how about having a friend in U.S. buy what you need and send it to you?
Just trying to help. Smiles.
El Supremo/Kevin Tinny



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