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How do you reload your Spencer on the clock?

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The Yankee Bandit:
I am hoping to take my Spencer to a SASS shoot and I'm just wondering how the rest of you reload them on the clock.  How and where do you carry the extra ammo? I'm not necessarily looking for speed, just some effeciency.  Also, does anyone make a magazine cut off for the new reproductions?  Thanks.   

St. George:
If you're going to use a Spencer - then 'the clock' is merely a concept.

Original Spencers have a long lever throw and are relatively stiff - neither of which were considered to be design flaws during the time of use.
The new ones seem to be no different, as far as the mechanics of operation are concerned.

For what it was designed for - the function of being a sturdy, magazine-fed weapon to be used by men who were expected to actually 'aim' at and hit a target - as opposed to merely laying down suppressive fire - it fit the bill nicely.

The Army used the Blakeslee Cartridge box that held extra loaded magazine tubes - but it never found wide acceptance - especially among civilians after the War.
You can carry spare ammuntion on a belt or in a pocket or war-surplus cartridge pouch - or even a Dyer Pouch.

Using one in C&WAS is more of a nod to its place in the history of American firearms and not as a competition piece - and then there are those things referred to as 'style points'...

Just shoot it and enjoy it.

Scouts Out!

French Jack:
I've got one of the Taylor's in 56-50--- and tried it both by single feeding it and reloading the magazine.  It seems to be about a wash for me.  I suspect that either way you practice would work equally well.  You can't really keep the Spencer to your shoulder while you cycle the action, so the motions used are about the same either way.

The Yankee Bandit:
Yeah, I don't imagine I'm going to reach gamerdom shooting a Spencer. ;D

I guess I was wondering if people used loading tubes,  just dropped 2 or 3 (depending on caliber) bullets into the magazine, or if you shoot them single shot. 

I once asked about using loading tubes on the SASS wire and some people said they might not be allowed as they could be considered a speed loader.  I can't imagine anyone (especially with my club) would accuse me of trying to get an edge by using a Spencer with a loading tube.  But maybe some of you have had different experiences... :-\

Thanks again for the advice. 

Black River Smith:
Bought a CW box, billed as a Cavalry carbine box holding 20 bullets.

One thing I witnessed about loading for shooting variations.  Load for the ease of counting and sequence following.  Triple tap or sweep, then load what you need even if it is not 7 in order to stop on a given target and then restart of a new one.  ie. Load only six then load 3 so that you can maintain order. Double tap 4 targets load 6 than 2 or even 4 and 4. Sweep??? Use the same logic.

This helped me.

Black River Smith



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