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280 grain bullets in a .40-65 '86?


Jubal Starbuck:
    I was wondering if anybody here has any experience with 280 grain bullets in original '86's.  I was thinking of  5744  or Black powder as a propellant.  I've only shot bullets in the 245 grain weight with these two powders before, with good results.  I discovered 50 280 grain slugs in .406 diameter along with 50 rounds of new Starline cases in my loading area and wondered if I could safely shoot them up.

So far as black powder with the 280 gr. bullets is concerned, you just need to fill the case to the point where you compress the powder about 1/16 inch. With smokeless, you'd probably need to reduce the charge by about 12.5 percent to compensate for the heavier bullet. One thing you may encounter would be whether the rate of twist is fast enough to stabilize the heavier bullet. I've seen .40 caliber M1886's with a bunch of different twists. Seems like they couldn't make up their mind.  You could measure the twist and run a bunch of calculations, but probably the best way is just to try them and see,

Jubal Starbuck:
Good information there, Trailrider , thanks for your input.


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