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Got me a rifle!

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dusty texian:
Congratulations very nice looking rifle .,,,DT

The Pathfinder:
I can remember trying to order one of those when they first came out. Priced at around $450-500 if I can remember back that far. Was a young GI with a small but growing family at the time, and the local dealers couldn't find one for anything. After it was announced that the entire run was sold out, I was told they were available, but being in such high demand and with no more being made the price being asked by the jobbers was between $900-1000. Needless to say I've never owned one of the Browning. :'( So after I retired, I bought a 3 digit serial number original 1886 in 45-70, the barrel was cut a couple of inches, but I got it almost 20 years later for around $1000. ;D

PJ Hardtack:
I have both a Browning '86 rifle and a Marlin 45-70 with 22" barrel. The Browning is heads and shoulders above the Marlin in every way, including accuracy, but the Marlin has sling swivels which makes it a better bet for hunting.

Always wanted an '86 SRC, but people tell me that I'm better off with the rifle.

Baltimore Ed:
You have a very nice Queen there King Medallion. I picked up an old 1970s Browning 1895 rifle in .30-06. Pre mirouku tang safety. Looks like new. I plan on putting it back into a full military reproduction stock to make it resemble the NRA musket. The NRA used a lot of Krag parts for these 1920-1930s rebuilds. The first batch were in .30-40 but the second batch were chambered in the more ‘modern’ .30-06. Ought to be an interesting build.

King Medallion:
Took Boomer out today and fired off a few rounds. I thinks its gonna be a keeper. Knocking down steel targets at 150 yards fairly regular.   ;D



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