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cpt dan blodgett:
well the one I thought was coming was a scam provided all appropriate info on FBI website as if that will help.  Good news a real dealer had a 24 inch round barrel for sale that will ship monday.   Really wanted the 26 octo but...
Got USPS tracking number should be at FFL Thursday

Don't get me started on M1886 Winchesters! The only thing that could have been done to improve ballistics would have been to come out with a .33 WCF Improved ("blown" shoulder with the .338" Jacketed Flat Point Hornady used to make).  But I'd take 'em in about any of the original calibers! The only ones that could give you headaches were the .40 caliber jobs. Winchester couldn't seem to make up their mind about the groove diameters. Seen 'em vary from .403 - .410!  :P  Also, they should have stayed with the 1-22" twist in the .45-90, but they meant that for use with the 300 gr. bullet, so went with IIRC 1-36", which wouldn't stabilize anything heavier than 385 gr. Best thing John Moses came up with except for the M2 "Ma Deuce".

cpt dan blodgett:
Package arrived in hometown out for delivery this afternoon, may have pics by tomorrow of a 8.8 lb 24 inch round barrel At FFL pick up around 10ish in morning


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