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Got me a rifle!

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King Medallion:
My loving wife got me a late Christmas present today, a Browning 1886 rifle! I have the Carbine already, had it for 25 years, always wanted the rifle. Now the wait for delivery. Happy New Year!

Coal Creek Griff:
Those are fine guns.  Congratulations!

CC Griff


Dave T:
I owned one of the Browning rifles years ago. It was finely made and shot both smokeless and BP well. Sold it when I got an original '86 to replace it. Sadly that too is now gone.


Buckaroo Lou:
Very nice. At one time I had both the rifle and SRC. Like a dummy I sold the rifle as I preferred the SRC. I was easier to carry when hunting. I missed the rifle so not long ago I purchased the Winchester Deluxe short rifle and like it a lot.



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