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Favorite loads for your 86

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cpt dan blodgett:
I hear ya may well stick to 300 grainer JHP or 350 LRN I do have almost a box for speer 400 fps that might work at a reasonable velocity dont want my brain rattled loose
I do know with 65 grains Olde Eyseford 2f under a 500 grain bullet my original 1888 trapdoor is no fun

cpt dan blodgett:
Hit the range with 300 JHPs and 350 JRNs over varget starting max trapdoor safe load for each bullets then down in .5 grain increments shot in min charge to max charge order just to be clear.  Grouped best at 1 grain below max in each case.  Lot easier on shoulder at 1 grain below than the .5 below and max load.  Since going to range picked up some RL 7 may try different powders and actually try some cast bullets have some Desparado bullets 415 grainers that worked ok out of a H&R officers model trapdoor


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