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I have a few 86's original ones, 88, 01, 02, 11 and

I guess I hit the send button before I was done. I have a 88, 01, 02, 11 and 1919 originals. 2 TD's in 33 and 45-70, the strait ones are 33, 45-70 and 45-90. I've used the 33 TD for grizzly, whitetail and caribou. currently making a 45-90 smooth bore bbl for my 45-70 TD. having trouble feeding the strait 45-90 cases thru the loading gate.
 I would also like to purchase a 86 in 32 gauge. I have read they made a few of them. Has anyone ever seen one? Thanks Texas..

King Medallion:
Never even heard of a 32 gauge. Picture of your rifles required!  ;) Welcome!  :)


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