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Just a ote or two.  My .33 is a lightweight "Takedown" and it has a steel butt plate similiar to the later model 54, 70, 71 and whatnot.  And--it does kick a might.  After all it don't weigh more than about 7 or 8 pounds.  But all in all, I sure wouldn't get rid of it.  It is a handy little rifle and a whiz in the woods.  I did luck out and got a whole gob of those Hornady bullets awhile back and then found that Buff Arms has them too so got a lgob from them also.  what with 45-70 brass available and Jamison makes the brass too--I figgure I am in pretty good shape.  Just like here a few years ago I was able to get 400  rounds of head-stamped 45-90 brass.  Glad I did too.  Same thing with that 40-82 of my kids.  Got enough to last and that is head-stamped also. I guess folks can say what they want about the '86 but it is one dam fine firearm and one hell of alot better than these new-fangled super magnums you read about.  Me?  I got4-- 86's and don't plan on parting with any of them.

Baltimore Ed:
Many years ago I reloaded for a couple of 45-70s, a Rolling Block and a Marlin 1895. I cast my own bullets using a Lyman mould that threw a 292 gr RNFP bullet. Both were a lot of fun to shoot and I managed to kill a whitetail with the Marlin. My big cowboy gun now is an 1876 RCMP Carbine in 45-60. I enjoy it alot also. Can't go wrong with any cartridge that starts with.45.

PJ Hardtack:
That would be NWMP, not RCMP.

cpt dan blodgett:
Took my recently acquired 86 24 inch round barrel to the range yesterday tried 300 JHPs with max trapdoor safe load of varget from lyman man, -.5 grain, -1 grain -1.5 grain-2 grains and the 350 jrn at max trapdoor safe, .5, -1, and -1.5 (no more bullets to go to minus 2.  Both seemed to group best at -1 grain and both the -.5 and max loads while shootable, the groups opened up and were a lot less fun. Sadly the labradar did not pick up the projos, got an email response from them this AM if velocity 1600 FPS or lower use pistol setting.  Will test on next range trip if I get more projos by then, or just may shoot some cast

Got to looking up some data I took from an original receiver '86 with a heavy (about 1" wall barrel) and M71 breechblock and locking lugs, back in 2000. Pressure-time data was obtained with an Oehler 43PBL rig with the strain gage mounted over the chamber.
43.0 gr ReloadeR #7 and a Remington JFSP 405 gr. bullet  Barrel length 20".  Average MV = 1667 with Max p = 31,200 psi, Av p = 29,700 psi. Not recommended for people with shoulder problems even with a recoil pad!

Remington factory .45-70-405gr JFSP loads. Powder chg.: 28.0 gr  MV (20" bbl) = 1343 ft/sec Av. p = 18,000 psi  Max p = 20,300 psi
 395 gr #457124 cast from Lyman #2 equivalent: Powder: IMR4198 + 1/4 square single-ply toilet paper pressed lightly into case and allowed to compress by seating bullet.  Av. MV = 1261 ft/sec Av. Max p = 14,900 psi, Max p = 15,700 psi
Similar load on a different day, Av. MV = 1322 ft/sec Av. Max p = 19.600 psi  Max p = 20,800 psi  Used TP filler for years with NO signs of barrel ringing.

33 WCF M1886/M71 breechblock & locking lugs. 24" barrel.  Bullet: Hornady 200 gr. JRNFP  Powder: Herters #100, mfg by Eley-Kynoch in the 1960's. Later briefly marketed as Scot Powder Co. #4351. Burning rate somewhere between IMR4320 and IMR4350, but with small grains. Powder used old methyl-centralite coating.  Av MV =2355 ft/sec Av. Max p = 39,100 psi  Max p = 41,500 psi
Never had a chance to take game with this bullet. Old CCC bullets did a job on European wild boar, however.

NOTE: The measurements taken with the Oehler 43PBL are not to be taken as absolutely correct, as no factory calibration loads were available for either rifle or cartridge.  But the Remington .45-70 factory loads could be taken as a good indication of the accuracy of measurements. Pressure-time curves were smooth in all instances.

Stay well and safe, Pards



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