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If you read my post one the fake buck rub I mentioned the farm my Dad grew up on and a trailerhouse.  Well the trailer was put there in 1990, for about 5 years I used my Gramdmother's old milk house as a cabin, a small building about 15X20 feet.

It of course had all the luxuaries of home, wood cookstove, folding wood and canvas army cot with the broken leg propped up on a bucket.  A couch was a place to set in the evening and a place for someone else to sleep.  I even had a Mr. Coffee selling on the cream separator along with a clock radio. (dial type)

That was also early in my dutch oven cooking career so I used one a lot. (did I used to own just one?)

Well another cousin used to come and hunt a lot, he brought his Airstream down and parked it below my cabin and plugged it in, he brought his son a lot, he was about 6 when this happened and had been coming with his dad for about 3 years.

Well I took the day off before deer season, needed to blade the road and get some things done, I went to town and got some prk chops and some kraut,  cooked it up in the dutch oven for supper.  Bout dark just before supper was done, my cuz and his son shoowed up, parked and set up.  I offered but they had already et, so I got a fork and the oven and sat down by the fire that was a blazing by now and started to eat.

When I was done my cuz's son looked at me as said "don't you mind not having TV at yer house."  Confused I said that I had TV at my house.  He said, "No I was just up there and looked you don't have a TV.  It then dawned on us that he had never been to my house in Lincoln, though I was his Dad's crazy cuz that lived in a shack, ate out of a dutch oven, got water out of a hydrant and only had an outhose.

The next week his dad brought him by my real house. ;D ;D

Silver Creek Slim:
You hillbilly redneck.  ;)


Ya just might be a redneck if'n ya like Jeff Foxworthy's jokes.  Sorry hillbilly yes, redneck no if'n I have ta listen ta his jokes. :P

Did ya ever go deer hunting barefoot Slim?  I have! :o


Silver Creek Slim:
Bow or gun season?  I have never hunted deer with a bow. Gun season might be a tad nippy on the toes.  :o


Rifle, ours is 10 days, starting the 2nd Saterday in Nov.  Have seen 80 degrees and -10.  Have hunted in a T-shirt or have ended up like the little brother in the movie "A Christmas Story"  fall over and can't get up.


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