In Remembrance of AnnieLee Independent - 9/12/1958 to 2/27/2006

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Four-Eyed Buck:
And Le Ping :'(

Joyce (AnnieLee):
Ahhh...the memories I could share ... you could all learn what lurked behind things like "olive up the nose" threads.  Truthfully, I can't remember her ever sticking anything naughty up her nose - she had the cutest nose.  I told her that when I was up here in January. 

We did always assume that she was left by the garbageman - how sad is that?  My mom wasn't supposed to have any more kids after me (the 4th) and she had a tubaligation.  Then the miracle baby happened and neither one of them were supposed to make it so my mom embroidered our names on all our white undershirts and underwear so that someone would have an easier time with the laundry.  Nancy and Mom both made it just fine and Nancy was the healthiest of all of us until last December.  She's the only one who was never in the hospital except for when Will was born.  We grew up sharing a bedroom and we were so opposite.  She was always so innocent, gullible, and honest and me and my brother took so much advantage in our teasing.  I was soooooo happy when she let me in to her life when she was sick and we spent the last couple of months growing closer and closer. She taught me HUGE lessons about not being judgemental and putting things into perspective and valuing friendships.

I hope I handle things honorably by her and I don't think it will suck too much for Charlie to spend part of his summer vacation down in Florida with his Grandma and his Aunt Joyce - who has a big loveable dog and 4 disfunctional cats (are there any other kinds?)  Charlie will get lots of love, and this big ol' piece of heaven property.  We'll all do our best by him.  It's sure been awesome to get to know so many of her cowboys.

Big Hext:
Like many good friendships, Annie and I met in conflict.
We banged heads often, as stubborn, outspoken and passionate people tend to do..
After we agreed that neither of us had a harder head ;).. we grew to respect and care about each other.

We didn't speak often, but as she posted less and less, I called her more and more.  The last time we talked she seemed upbeat but tired.  I had to hurry off the phone to get into work.. now I wish I'd spent a few more minutes with her. 

Annie (I know Nancy, but that's just not how I think of her) was not perfect, but her heart and her spirit overwhelmed her imperfections.
My world is darker for her passing..



Stoney Pete:
She was opinionated, stubborn, independant and bull-headed.   One glance in the mirror and I met someone just like her.

She was kind, loving, giving and loyal to her friends and complete strangers. 

If one insisted on giving her crap, she had big shovel and could dish it back.   I'd never known her to be the first sling the crap.

Specific memories.

The FFG. 

El Kabong. 



Lucky Irish Tom:
Having been fortunate enough to have shot with Annie over the last several years I was able to enjoy her company f2f on many occassions.  We tried to get on the same Posse and there were a group of us that were devoted to having fun regardless of how we shot.  In fact on several occassions we were so busy trying to humorously upstage one another that we would forget the target sequence, of course if one of us was next in line we normally were laughing so hard we would either miss a lot of targets or mess up the stage sequence ourselves.  The last time we shot together I commented on how nobody ever took my picture when I was shooting, so I didn't have an action shot to use for my Avatar.  Annie stepped right up got me to show her how my camera worked and took several shots of me that day.  Right now I am searching through my CAS files trying to find shots of Annie that I have,  If any of the rest of you have digital pictures of her or ones that you can scan into a computer you can email them to me I am trying to put together a CD or multiple CD's of pictures to send to Will(Charlie) so he will have them as memories of his Mom.  She was definitely a special Lady and her passing will leave a void that willbe hard to fill.  Gotta go ther's dust getting in my eyes and I can't see the screen and the keyboard is getting damp.  :'(


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